• iGaming specialist with over 20 years OF industry expertise in online and brick and mortar operations

    Years of hands-on experience working with one of the most reputable and successful brands in the industry, witnessing the changes and growing challenges brought on by technology, market saturation, and ever-increasing regulations, allowed me to get to know the industry from not only different but every angle

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    Due Diligence and Research

    The road from the idea to execution starts with the proper scratching of the surface in a more depth way than just collecting the official information from various sources. Thanks to an extensive network of contacts gained over the years, I can provide a solid base for your future business decisions.

    Business intelligence

    It's not enough to just have an idea, you've probably already seen this many times in your life. Currently, information plays an increasingly important role, also in the gaming industry. Without the right knowledge, you can either get stuck in a place or even step back when your competition moves forward. The iGaming industry can be compared to the F1 Team - if you do not analyze the information you have received from the performance of your car, and you do not react properly while standing in the same place, in reality, you are taking a step back while others are moving two steps forward. Through years of experience gained in the industry and a wide network of contacts, I can help you to make your car advance to Q3 clocking the best time and win the pole position afterward. However, winning the race is entirely in your own hands.

    Advice and introduction to payment gateways

    An online business without a proper payment method in place, allowing your customer's swift deposits and withdrawals are simply a must, it's a true backbone of an online gambling business. The number of payment gateways, payment processors, and services grows every day - your future success needs to choose the right one. Some of the payment gateways and financial institutions even if offering a high level of service, might simply not be perfectly suited to your needs, or not suited at all. Through the ongoing search and monitoring of the payment gateways, I can refer you to the ones whose processing fees are realistic, their level of service is truly top-notch, and their care about your customer funds will meet the highest levels of excellence.

    License application

    Where and how to apply? What paperwork do I need to fill in? Which jurisdiction? What benefits stand behind a Malta or the Curacao license? Maybe I should apply for the Isle of Man or a UK license? What if I want to operate in regulated markets like Poland, Romania, or Italy? These are the questions which probably you've asked yourself already several times. I can help you throughout the whole process, and ensure that everything is in order depending on your chosen market and area of operation.

    High caliber consultancy on a different gaming model

    Regardless of the choice of your gaming vertical, the consultancy supports the compilation of a business plan, drafting company policies and procedures, liaising with the Gaming Authorities, compliance processes, and last but not least, establishing relationships with gaming suppliers, software providers, and certification institutes.
    I will help you to make the right choice and choose the best possible supplier, or a software solution provider.


    The true backbone of your business and the key to success are simply the people who build your business. Getting the right staff is crucial for your business and built a relationship between the clients from the very first day of operation.
    I can help you get adequately trained and motivated professionals due to the depth of sector knowledge and extensive candidate networks. Additionally, I can provide training for new employees if desired.


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